So...what do you think YOUR jewelry says about you?

Your style is all about the mysteries. You don’t stick to anyone’s fashion rules... You rock the dark colors and bold metals that everyone else leaves hanging.

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I’m not here to tell you to switch up your style — you’ve got it going on!

Instead I want to teach you to shop a little smarter, so you can buy your go-to jewelry guilt-free.


Three things to ask yourself before buying your new bling!

1. Can I wear it all day?

Sometimes safer is smarter, friend. If you’re on the market for a new piece of jewelry, keep comfort in mind. Would you rather have a flashy zebra print bangle that pinches your wrist, or a subtle, easy-to-wear gold chain bracelet? 

Sure, the bangle might be eye-catching and perfectly complement your skin tone… But what’s the use in shelling out your hard-earned cash if the jewelry isn’t fun & comfortable? 

The whole point of bling is to make you feel priceless, and it’s hard as heck to do that when you’re in pain (or if it just keeps getting in the way).

2. Is it worth the price?

If the jewelry you’re eyeing is a little pricey, you want to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth in wear time... 

Wouldn’t it be a shame to spend $300 on an emerald cocktail ring only to realize it’s too clunky to wear for more than a couple hours? 

If you’re picking one piece to invest in, skip the trends. I’d suggest a timeless gold pendant on a delicate chain, or a subtle gemstone bracelet — these light-weight show-stoppers pair with just about anything! For day or night looks, they’re always in style.

3. Will I love it a year from now?

Okay, I get it… Sometimes the shiny thing is impossible to resist. You’re strolling through Macy's looking for a cute new top when out of nowhere — BAM! You come face-to-face with a pair of the baubliest, most extravagantly blingy chandelier earrings.

Here’s the thing though - that jewelry went out of style BEFORE you even picked it up! If they aren’t in the trash a year from now, they’re going to be collecting dust on your bathroom counter...because the trends just keep on changing, friend.


So why do I care so much about you & your jewelry?

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Hey, friend - I’m Farrah Wiberg 👋

I’m the founder and CEO of ASH + FLORE, a boutique for minimalist mamas who (like myself) want apparel & accessories that feel true to them... simply lovely, without a lot of hassle.

Because don't we deserve to look & feel our best, even when the days get a little bit crazy?

As a busy mom myself, I found myself often gravitating towards whatever was clean & comfy to throw on each just felt like too much effort to perfectly accessorize when my kids, my work and 87 tasks were clamoring for my attention.  Honestly, I cared more about experiencing life (and getting through each day) than "styling" myself each day.

But that didn't mean that I wanted to look like a hot mess!

One day, I just hit a wall and decided to really inspect my routine...taking a hard look at my closet, and ditching the clothing & accessories that just didn't feel like me anymore. Adding in a few simple staples, like pretty "wear everyday" minimalist jewelry & wraps, suddenly made me feel far less like "messy mama"... and more like a woman who could look great without taking up too much of my precious time (or money)! 

That's my mission with ASH + FLORE. I specialize in creating and curating pieces that not only make you feel GOOD, but that are also understated & timeless - as lovely today as they will be years down the line. 

But if I’ve learned anything through my business, it’s that there’s no style without substance… 

That's why ASH + FLORE focuses on pieces that feature quality materials (gold vermeil, sterling silver, natural gemstones) that naturally complement your unique style.

And along the way, our pieces have quickly become well-loved favorites!

Check out a few of our best-sellers!

Briar Gold Needle Necklace — The classic dainty necklace gets an update with this modern & unique piece! With its minimalist golden needle, a true mix of both "edgy" modern and classic style, BRIAR is the perfect, go-with-anything piece of jewelry that you will want to wear every single day.


Fierce Cuff Bracelet — Available in three metal options, this cuff is the perfect accessory to declare to the world that YOU are bold & a force to be reckoned with. Every glance at your wrist is a beautiful & impactful reminder of all the empowerment you need to carry with you throughout your day.


And this is just a taste of the loveliness we have going on here in the many options perfect for you and YOUR style!

And as a THANK YOU for taking our little quiz (and learning more about our mission), keep your eyes peeled on your inbox....we will be popping in there soon, with an exclusive offer just for you!

xoxo, Farrah