Give it a Break: 5 Times to Go Jewelry-Free

If you are anything like me, you likely have that favorite piece that you tend to wear day after day...keeping it simple, right?  Once you find a few staple jewelry pieces that you love, it's easier to leave it on & not fuss with it.  (We see you, busy mama.)

But in some situations, you might actually be bringing harm to your favorite jewelry by leaving it on 24/7.

The following scenarios are definitely a few to consider going jewelry-free (at least temporarily) if you want to help your jewelry to last!




You know all of that sweat you work up while working out?  Unlike your health, you actually aren't doing your jewelry any favors. Besides getting your jewelry a little dirty & sweaty, you are also running the risk of marking up (or even warping) the metal when lifting weights, holding onto handlebars or using sports equipment. There are metals that are stronger than others (i.e. platinum), but no metal is indestructible.  Not to mention, you may be endangering yourself in the process. The last thing you want is to get your ring stuck on your finger because it's been swelled up or jammed after an accident, or catch your necklace chain on your exercise equipment!  


Bathtubs, showers, pools, lakes, oceans...all great places to unwind, but definitely NOT for your jewelry.

Your favorite pieces may fare okay if you forget to take them off in the shower here and there, but all of your bathtime personal care products (i.e. soaps, oils, etc.) aren’t great for the longevity of your jewelry. Some items, such as rings, also run the risk of falling off and getting lost while you are enjoying a little water recreation time (remember how cold water can make things shrink a bit?) . To top it off, pool chemicals can also be harmful to the components of your jewelry.  Your best bet?  Leave bathing time to yourself (and give your jewelry their own pampering time later), and plan to keep your jewelry home on beach or pool days. 



Lotions, sprays, powders - oh, my!

We hate to say it, but your beauty routine isn't exactly the best time to be donning your favorite jewelry. Spraying perfume or hairspray, or slathering on moisturizers, serums or foundation can cause a buildup of dirt and grime on your metals, and lead to a cloudy film on those lovely gemstones. So while those products may make you look & feel your best, they are definitely not the way to make your jewelry shine! 


For the same reasons you should avoid swimming pools with lots of chlorine, you should definitely dodge those cleaning supplies full of harsh chemicals while wearing your jewelry (or opt for some natural cleaner options!).  Exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals can not only deteriorate or alter the color & finish of your pieces, but strenuous household tasks can potentially put strain on your jewelry's delicate components, causing weakness or breakage. 



Every single one of us has slept with our jewelry on at least once - but you shouldn’t make a habit out of it! Not only can it be uncomfortable (have you ever had a necklace tugging at your throat while you sleep, or earring posts poking into your scalp?), but it could also lead to breakage of your favorite pieces. Make your nightly routine relaxing (and avoid heartache from broken baubles) by remembering to take your jewelry off every night before bed.



One foolproof way to avoid wearing your jewelry in places you shouldn’t is to make sure you always have an easy way to protect them. 

Away from home? Pack a little jewelry bag or small box to put your things in.

If you’re at home, keep a jewelry box or pretty ring dish at the ready in your bedroom, bathroom or anywhere you think you might need to take off your jewelry. 

A little planning makes it simple and easy to store your jewelry...without the worry of breaking or misplacing it.


Do you have a favorite piece you wear 24/7? We'd love to hear about it, so drop a comment below! 

(And let us know if you follow any of these tips to keep that fave piece sparkling!)





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  • I am horrible at taking my jewelry off….its an extension of These are all great reasons why I should do it, though. Maybe I can make positive changes. Thank you for your detailed information!


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